Why should I consider purchasing an energy efficient system?

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems help households save money on their energy bills and benefit the environment at the same time. Both traditional and alternative energy systems can be energy efficient.
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What is a SEER rating?

Home air conditioning units carry a rating called SEER — seasonal energy efficiency rating. All air conditioning units carry these ratings so homeowners can understand the efficiency of their system. You can calculate this rating yourself with a few basic pieces of information. Generally speaking, air conditioning systems with a high SEER figure are more efficient than those with lower ratings. Most air conditioning systems are electric; you will need your electricity bill to help you calculate the SEER rating for your unit.
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Do I need to be home to have my unit serviced?

Yes and No. It depends on what type of unit you have and if you want to be there when the unit is being serviced. If you have a split system, yes, you will need to be home because the service tech will need access to the inside of the home. If you have a package unit, you do not need to be home to have the unit serviced.

Is it common for a Heat Pump system to have ice on the outside unit?

A small amount of ice is common after a defrost cycle. Within 30 minutes the ice should go away. If the ice does not go away after 1 ½ hours, you should contact us to have the unit serviced.

What is a Split System?

The split system heat pump is a heat, air-conditioning and ventilation system (HVAC) divided between an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The two units are connected through the house by copper piping. The outdoor unit houses a coil that acts as a heat exchanger and compressor. The indoor unit houses a coil and a fan. The fan housed in the indoor unit circulates air through the home’s ventilation system. Freon gas acts as a coolant as it passes through the copper piping, between both coils (indoor unit and outdoor unit). Heat is absorbed from the air by the Freon gas.

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What is a Package Unit?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) package unit heaters are single packaged air conditioners with heat designed for outdoor installation on a rooftop or on a slab. Package units are completely assembled at the factory and include all the piping, refrigerant charge and electrical wiring. HVAC package units just need connections for the ducts, electric, fuel source and condensate drain at the site. They aren’t suitable for use with conventional venting systems. However, many of the same considerations come into play when troubleshooting.

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What’s the difference between a Heat Pump, Gas Pack & Dual Fuel unit?

A heat pump is one unit that functions for both heating and cooling. The air-conditioning system will be idle during the heating season, and the furnace will be idle during the cooling season. Since a heat pump must do both heating and cooling, it runs year-round.

A heat pump can provide energy and cost savings compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. In moderate climates, the installation and purchase costs of a heat pump can be less and will produce substantial savings to the homeowner over the lifespan of the equipment.

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A gas pack heating and cooling system is one where the air-conditioning and the heat pump are housed in a single unit. Gas packs combine electricity for cooling and are powered by natural gas, oil or propane for heating. These systems are simple to maintain, and repairs typically are easy and cost-effective.

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A dual fuel system is a good system, especially in areas of the country where it gets below freezing but not for extended periods. The main advantage to this system is that it operates by using an electric heat pump with a natural gas, propane or oil furnace. This HVAC system is comprised of a heat pump and coil, which is connected to a gas furnace. This system features an outdoor thermostat that tells the system which of the two heating devices needs to be running. When heating, the thermostat tells the system to run the more efficient of the two systems. Above freezing, the heat pump runs and the furnace runs when the temperatures get below freezing. The cooling part of the system works in the same fashion

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What is an AFUE rating?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating when you compare gas furnaces. The AFUE rating calculates the rate at which the gas furnace converts gas to energy. A high AFUE rating means the gas furnace quickly converts gas to energy, meaning it runs more efficiently than gas furnaces with lower AFUE ratings

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Why is my unit not cooling?

When an air conditioner stops cooling on a hot day, the results are felt by everyone inside within a few minutes. As the sweat beads begin to form on your brow, you’ll begin to realize you need to find the cause very quickly so you can make yourself and your family comfortable again. A few different reasons exist as to why an air conditioner stops cooling. The problems range from very simple things that you can fix by yourself in a moment to others that may require the help of a professional HVAC technician.

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How often should my unit be serviced?

Your home’s air conditioning system is worth it’s weight in gold during the summer months as the outdoor temperature and humidity rise. Therefore, you want to be sure to keep your system in top shape by conducting regular maintenance

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