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Dillard Construction, Inc. is pleased to recommend Goins Heating and Air Conditioning as a mechanical contractor.

They have been performing work for Dillard Construction, Inc. for over 15 years and have handled all of their duties and subcontractor payments professionally and promptly and we have no reservations in recommending Goins Heating & Air Conditioning for current and future work.

The following is a listing of projects that were performed with Dillard Construction, Inc. as the Prime (General) Contractor that have been performed:


Project Name: Sale Creek Church of God

Project Location: Sale Creek, TN

Contract Amount: $125,000.00

Date Performed: June 2004

Type of Work Performed: Fire Sprinkler Installation, Gas Piping, and HVAC


Project Name: Hiawassee Packaging, Inc.

Project Location: Dayton, TN

Contract Amount: $24,200.00

Date Performed: December 2003

Type of Work Performed: HVAC


Project Name: Immigration and Naturalization Service Building

Project Address: Knoxville, TN

Contract Amount: $53,483.00

Date Performed: September 2003

Type of Work Performed: HVAC


Project Name: Dayton City School Addition

Project Address: Dayton, TN

Contract Amount $120,000.00

Date Performed: May 2003

Type of Work Performed: HVAC


Project Name: Murray Lake Hills Post Office

Project Address: Chattanooga, TN

Contract Amount: $42,500.00

Date Performed: May 2001

Type of Work Performed: HVAC


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Dillard Construction, Inc.



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      Goins installed units on 3 projects and provided service for 2 projects. Service included fixing or replacing parts. Goins is always on schedule and maintains excellent standards. They also keep a very clean job site, which is important to us as project owners seem very impressed with clean sites. Goins also provides all necessary paperwork and quick warranty work. ~ Kelly McMurry, RBA Construction ~ January 2012

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