The Importance of Proper Installation

Have you ever purchased a beautiful new automobile but was later left disappointed because the dealer had such poor service?  Well, that can also happen when you install a new heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home.

Proper installation of your new home air conditioner will ensure long and trouble free operation along with the home comfort you would expect.  Air-conditioning systems and heat pumps suffering from improper refrigerant charge can cause problems that range from reduced operating efficiency to system freeze-up and even possible compressor damage. If your air conditioning system is over-sized this will increase your on/off cycling and this will lead to poor de-humidification and higher running costs.
Today over 50% of all heating and air conditioning systems are believed to be adversely affected by one or more installation issues.
Some problems are:

    • Installation of top quality whole house air cleaners with gas pipe or ducts blocking the door access.
    • Home heating systems installed with service access on back (So the service technician would have to crawl over the heater to service)
    • No drain pan (Or using the old rusty one) with no cut off float switch allowing condensation water to leak through the ceiling into the home.
    • Air ducts installed with no duct sealant allowing airflow to leak into the attic (causing the HVAC system to lose efficiency)
  • Poor installation welds causing refrigerant leaks and improper Freon charge.

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